The event website platform that's ready to be best friends with your marketing stack

A CMS that flexes to fit your own processes.

What is Event Engine?

It's a website platform that lets you, the professional conference organiser, spin up one or many event websites with ease. Perfect for running one, ten, or hundreds of conferences every year.

Select from our library of customisable templates or create your own from scratch. Attract more engaged attendees and high ticket sponsors with the platform that scales at the pace you need.



  • Select from ready-made layouts
  • Or easily create your own
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Create/customise/save/reuse


  • Google Tag Manager
  • Zapier integration into thousands of third party systems
  • API for limitless integration

Page Builder

  • Build and customise in minutes
  • View changes in real time
  • Image/audio/video embed
  • Full design control


  • Multi day agendas
  • Conference agendas
  • Stream support
  • Multiple speakers


  • Exhibitor listings
  • Profile pages
  • Media feeds
  • Lead capture


  • Speaker listings
  • Profile pages
  • Speaker zone
  • Connect agenda

Form Builder

  • Lead capture, surveys...
  • Save and continue later
  • Drag and drop builder
  • 30+ form fields

SEO Tools

  • Analytics integration
  • Metadata control
  • Custom domains
  • Custom URLs


  • Easy form builder
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Real time reporting
  • Export your data

What's included?

Build your own or select from our range

We’ll support you all the way through every site’s lifecycle. Once we’ve shown you how it works you can start creating designs from scratch. Or you can select from our range of stunning templates designed to engage and convert. Simply change the colours and fonts, then fill in the blanks.

Retro computers showing two versions of a theme in Event Engine

The Diavola theme in all its glory on some awesome tech.

Design flexibility without the learning curve

Choose from stunning conference/event templates, select your brand palette and fonts and you’re away. Customise at will or start with a blank canvas.

This sleek machine is demonstrating the Napoletana theme!

This bad boy is showing off the Napoletana template.

Integrate with your preferred office data applications

No more double entries or spreadsheet downloads. Marketing data can flow as it should, across applications without reliance on manual input.

A vintage portable laptop showing the Stagioni Theme

The agenda on this portable was auto-populated from one of our rather snazzy customised Salesforce integrations.

Boost your contributors’ voices

You’re a gateway to the industry community and conference/event contributors can add loads of value to your channel. Guest accounts for your site will enable year-round engagement.

A woman on a telephone. Office looks like the 1980s

Katy enables her sponsors to get their messages out. Fair warning though - make sure you have excellent grammar!

Team building. Literally.

More than one team member can log in, build and edit the site to get it polished and live with incredible efficiency. Think as a team. Work as a team.

A man in a 80s office leaning back in front of a vintage computer.

Trevor takes a moment to ponder on the fact that his new colleague took the liberty of 'improving' his website copy.

Proactively build. Reactively modify.

Make changes to the site and publish instantly. Quickly create unlimited landing pages with full control of your URLs for best SEO practice.

A woman in front of her vintage computer. 1980s office.

No need to learn a programming language. Use your favourite device with sweet compatibility.

Best practice, clean code for ultimate SEO

The Event Engine platform uses industry-leading code and tools out of the box for the very best SEO. This means you get the results you need, quickly.

Two men working in front of a vintage computer. 1980s.

Geoff and Trevor sharpen their SEO Ninja skills. Geoff wasn't the one who changed Trevor's website copy. So all good.

Works on all devices

You can’t know what type of device is being used by every site visitor but you can be confident that your designs are tailored to all as standard.

Man holding a vintage Apple Macintosh with a screen showing Event Engine.


Mobile engagement overtook desktop in 2016. Google indexing rewards mobile-first designs and Event Engine knows this. Read more here.

Make your marketing information systems sing like an all-girl band.



Dead simple automations to make life easier. Event Engine supports the Zapier app that enables thousands of integrations to move information across your office applications.

Event Engine's


Not everyone wants Zapier in their lives. No matter. We can set up automated information flows using our own API. Just talk with us about what you want to achieve.

What they said...

"As a high-growth conference company we need a robust and reliable platform to run our 120+ event websites. Event Engine provides exactly that through a uniquely customised platform catering for needs specific to our rapid-response industry. This is coupled with their enthusiastic team who are always there to help (especially when we need them immediately!)."

Ice Tarr
Head of Technology, Hanson Wade

“Event Engine's customised CMS is powerful enough to run hundreds of live conference and event sites for us at any one time. It’s far superior to our legacy platform with massive time savings in site turn around. It’s also much easier to use than our old system as the CMS is way more intuitive. This all means it’s faster to manage and update our sites. And the integrations are a life saver!"

Garry Musgrave
Technology Director, Informa Telecoms & Media

"For over three years I’ve run in excess of 30 annual conferences using Event Engine's technology. I’m not a tech whizz, I run conferences and events. More than any web product I’ve used before this one frees me to get on with my business."

Charlie James
CEO, Corinium Intelligence