Digital Venue by Event Engine

The entirely browser-based venue to host your unique event

Physical events bring communities together, spark new relationships and generate great business opportunities. We’ve created an entirely outcomes-led digital platform to facilitate each of these same objectives and more.


Drag and drop page builder

Harness the power of Event Engine's CMS with our easy-to-use custom page builder.

Digital tables

Facilitate fresh connections as you seat people at virtual tables for the conference.

On demand content

Showcase recordings of your content or create an evergreen on-demand content library for attendees.

Attendee directory

Attendees can view all profiles and update their own bios, interests and contact information.

Multiple streams

Simultaneously serve your event content and live streams in multiple areas with track-specific live group chats.

Breakout rooms

Encourage engagement and discussions using breakout rooms. Can be adhoc or facilitated.

Green room

Provide space for your speakers to decompress and chat with other contributors to your event.

Networking rooms

Attendees can arrange group and one-to-one sessions in the networking environments.

Private meeting rooms

Attendees can generate private meeting rooms ensuring they can talk with no interruptions, without leaving your event.


An open area for all participants to meet during breaks in a relaxed area.


Exhibitors and sponsors can host their own-branded booths for demonstrations, conversations and Q&A.

Live chat

Attendees can join discussions during the main event. Chat with private messages and room-specific group chats.

Live stream

Stream through our preferred streaming platforms or embed your broadcast with our RTMP feed.

Timed content

Upload pre-recorded content to be accessed at the times set according to your specific agenda.


Create anticipation with countdowns to live streams and pre-recorded content releases.

Agenda builder

Build your agenda, relate speakers, streams, videos, presentations, handouts and more.

Time zone converter

Your global audience won't be late as they can see when sessions start in their own time zones.

Consultancy and delivery *

Our team will advise you on the best ways to deliver your event and we will be a part of your team every step of the way.

Tiered access

Strictly allow participant access only to the content that matches their particular ticket allowances.

Attendee import *

Import your attendee list and send them their access details.

Sponsor, speaker and exhibitor profiles

Your event partners can update their information and brand assets in their individual profile zones.

*  Additional fees apply.

Tell us about our event

We’d love to hear more about your event. The more details you can give, the more quickly we’ll be able to provide an accurate price. We aim to respond within one working day.

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