Case study: Single sign on for organiser users

Company type: Event Organiser
Location: London, England

Their problem

With hundreds of event and company websites, our client was struggling to manage security and access for their team members and departments spread across the globe. Platform users were storing account details in different spreadsheets and other non-secured software. When a user left the organisation, relevant accounts would remain live as it had become very difficult to find who had access to what.

What we did

We brought all sites into one central multi-site platform and established a single authentication table within the system. We used ‘sessions’ to allow users to log in once and have access to all website admin areas. Management ‘super users’ could update user accounts from a central control panel and grant access to selected sites or groups at their discretion.

The outcome

The new process enhanced productivity as users could now log in quickly and have fast access to the areas of the business relevant to them. Security improved because of the easy-to-use control panel where accounts would be updated or disabled depending on the employee’s status. No longer any need for multiple spreadsheets or account lockouts.