Case study: Online community automations

Company type: Online membership
Location: New York, USA

Their problem

With a huge online community, our client was struggling to ensure the right members had access to the appropriate channels on their discussion site. Members would purchase subscriptions online but then the organiser team would manually check each account, each month, to ensure correct access was provided. If a payment failed, members had to be manually contacted or removed. Their chosen third party discussion platform offered no automations and could not integrate into their website as standard.

What we did

First, we worked with the client to simplify membership levels so they were easier to manage. Then we built an integration from their membership platform into the discussion site using their API. This meant we could automatically add, upgrade, downgrade and remove members depending on their account status in the platform.

The outcome

Member complaints went down 90% and the team saved countless hours thanks to the automated updating of accounts. Paying members had access to correct channels and expired accounts were contacted and/or removed automatically, allowing the team to focus on building and adding value to the community.