Case study: Identifying key attendee value markers

Company type: Conference Organiser
Location: Midlands, England

Their problem

Following a successful conference the client wanted to offer more value, thereby increasing engagement and revenue at the following event. Although of limited space, the venue was in an ideal location. Attendee levels were also good and research supported the decision to not increase ticket prices. Still, target revenues aimed to increase by 20%. Apart from selling more sponsorship, the organiser was unclear what could be done.

What we did

We worked with the organising team to look at the previous year’s attendees, identifying those who had higher levels of engagement, including those who had shown an early commitment to the following year’s event. We analysed feedback and a carefully arranged set of group demographics which showed that an additional exclusive, third day paid-for workshop would bring a significant extra layer of value and surpass the additional revenue target.

The outcome

The plan generated an additional 60% of revenue and received great community feedback. The conference organiser’s brand value was raised and they began to track other key measurements to see how further initiatives could bring even more benefit.