Case study: Custom CRM and live reporting

Company type: Industry association
Location: Yorkshire, England

Their problem

Managing data within the company was a highly complicated challenge. There were multiple spreadsheets with duplications across departments and no easy way to report on available, relevant data. Generating meaningful reports would always take hours, and even then there was little confidence that data was accurate.

What we did

First, we reviewed the client’s processes and created a simplified flow chart to describe and understand how the company operated. Then we built a new CRM using WordPress as a framework to allow the whole team to manage their data and processes. All spreadsheets were imported and the teams trained on the new system. We then developed a report builder for the management team so they could view live data at any time.

The outcome

The team no longer needed to ‘build’ reports. Data was always live and up to the minute. The new process helped the company to focus on their core business and they went on to win several industry awards for outstanding service. Department heads have confidence in the data they receive and have since continued to add new modules to encompass more of their processes.