Case study: Automated sales and registration data flows

Company type: Conference Organiser
Location: Midlands, England

Their problem

Our client sold tickets online via their website but at the end of each week they were manually exporting and importing sales data to feed their accounts software and EMS platform. Data was therefore never up-to-date which would affect the sales team and senior management’s day to day view.

What we did

We developed an integration layer that would receive data from tickets sold, then automatically process payments in their own accounts package. This would either create or update the customer account, create a new invoice and finally reconcile the payment on the account. The EMS platform and marketing automation platform was also updated with these details for the relevant teams to access and take action.

The outcome

All attendee data was now visible in realtime and the sales team could monitor progress. The Operations and Marketing teams could access the information and perform their relevant functions. The accounts team saved hours of time since they no longer needed to manually reconcile invoices and chase payments.