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008 – What WordPress 4.7 Means For Your Event Website

WordPress 4.7 is coming out soon. What does that mean for your event website? Find out what is being added and how you might be able to use it for your event. Check out this post from WP Beginners ...


007 – Backing Up Your Event Website

Your event website is one of your most valuable assets. Down time can be a nightmare. Here are tools you can use to take control of your website backups and develop a reliable continuety plan. Listen

006 Building Online Communities With WordPress

006 – Building Online Communities With WordPress

You can build an online social media community from your yearly event, expo or conference. A great way to increase brand awareness, warm up that cold list and create sponsorship opportunities. Listen

005 – Event Website Security – Proactive Tools & Tips

Do you worry about your event website being hacked or brought down? Your site is business critical. Here are some tips to keep your site secure. This is not an exhaustive list as this is a subject...


004 – Social Media Retargeting With Your Event Website

Learn how to create an audience that you can market your event to by using Social Media Retargeting. You can be building an audience today ready to create targeted campaigns. Resources Listen

003 – Creating Lead Magnets

Learn how to create engaging lead magnets by repurposing content from your past events. We also share what sort of content converts, and tools to help you make your lead magnets look awesome. Listen

002 – Event Website Lead Capture

Potential attendees could be visiting your website daily and never coming back to the site. By offering some free value in return for their email address, you can build up a relationship which can oft...

001 - Registration Tools For WordPress

001 – Registration Tools For WordPress

The limitations of some online registration platforms can be frustrating. Here are a range of free or low costs tools for WordPress that will empower you to build flexible forms to capture event regis...

000 - About The Event & Expo Podcast

000 – About The Event & Expo Podcast

In episode 000, you will be introduced to your host, Lee Jackson and learn all what this new Podcast is all about, what is in it for you, and how to get involved....