Two event marketing techniques you are probably neglecting

Posted on: October 26, 2018
Lee Jackson

Content marketing is a powerful strategy. Create value for your target audience and you can organically grow a community around your chosen industry or niche.

Event organisers have been doing this since the dawn of time putting on fantastic events and conferences that bring people together and allow them to collaborate, do business and grow. These events are where people learn and teach through sharing stories and experiences.

As an event organiser you are the facilitator of a community that gets together physically at set times a year. You have brought together industry experts in the form of speakers, panels and workshops to provide value to the community.

Yet what happens when the show is over? Everyone goes home excited, making changes in their businesses while you and your team get back to hammering the phones and email lists selling tickets for the next conference or event.

There may seem nothing wrong with that picture, it’s what we’ve always done… yet there are two things that we may be neglecting.

The authority your brand is building in the industry and the power of attraction marketing.


As the facilitator of the event, you and your brand are elevated in the industry. You are providing immense value to so many. They are benefiting from learning, networking and new business. This is down to the hard work you and your team have put into getting this event together.

We can often be too humble and shy about the awesomeness we provide others. We can think ‘it’s not about us’. And yet it is.

It is because of your brand that everyone is in that room. It is because of your brand those speeches, panels and workshops are happening. It is because of your brand that people are networking and doing business in the room.

This is freaking phenomenal, and it’s time to recognise what a great job you are doing and just as importantly, what that means to everyone in the community.

The value you are providing elevates you, your brand to a position of influence and authority in the industry. People come to connect you/your brand with thought leadership, valuable content and community. If we don’t recognise that this is happening, we are going to leave a valuable tool on the table in our marketing armoury.

What if we could continue to build this authority and influence throughout the year, rather than having to hit the reset switch after every event and starting over?

Attraction marketing

This is where people are attracted to you or your brand via some form of material that has been put out there such as adverts, blog content etc. I particularly like the phrase “Attraction Marketing”. I can create something of value which attracts the sort of people I want to work with.

For the last three years I have been building a personal brand positioning myself as a thought leader within the world of design and web agencies and WordPress professionals across the globe.

This has been done through a combination of blogs, podcasts, videos and a huge Facebook group of 2000 web agency owners.

The podcast gets tens of thousands of downloads. Check it out here.

We have also spent the last year creating YouTube videos. Check them out here.

I have continued to provide free value to the community, consistently and with high quality. This has attracted my ideal clients and has resulted in well-funded web projects, consultancy work and members into my paid community area.

Attraction marketing is the opposite of prospecting. Rather than hitting the phones and going out to ‘press the flesh’, I’ve attracted thousands of people around the world. Many people I have helped may never pay a penny, but that’s cool, I’ve blessed them in some way. However, there are many still that consume my content, recognise the value I am providing and want to align themselves with me and my brand.

They connect with me, they purchase my online products or they fill in a form to start a discussion about their next project.

Companies and personal brands have been doing this for years, and it is a strategy often neglected by event and conference organisers.


Well first because they have not recognised their position of influence in the industry as it stands, and secondly they have not continued to build on their brand throughout the year because it seems like an awful lot of work.
This blog is a call to action. It is a rallying cry to event owners that you are awesome, that you have so much more to offer your communities in the industries you serve.

The magical part is you already have the content and access to other industry leaders to help you create more!

So consider the content you have in archive from past events, consider the relationships and partnerships you already have and see if there is scope for developing an attraction marketing plan that keeps your brand on people’s minds throughout the year.

Although we will be unpacking marketing strategies in upcoming posts here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Repurpose parts of recorded talks as blog posts ( offers audio transcription)
  • Repurpose sections of recorded talks as podcast episodes
  • Repurpose videos of talks on YouTube and on Facebook Watch
  • Go live and interview industry leaders via Facebook/Youtube streaming services
  • Create eBooks from your content or workshops and offer them for free
  • Grow your audience through targeted social media ads
  • Invest time in social media to grow your organic reach
  • Create your own unique content to establish your brand voice and leadership

Got questions? Have you been putting time into attraction based marketing techniques? What has worked for you? What hasn’t?

Let’s have a conversation in the comments below.

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