Boost those event sponsorship sales...

  1. Set up a landing page template with your brand.
  2. Duplicate the page and record a personalised video message. One page and video for each prospect.
  3. Repeat. Over and over.
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Here's an example...

A Sales Booster Template gives brand and content control to create your own page which you can duplicate and personalise over and over

Record and add a short personalised text and video message for each prospect to appear in their unique page.

Each prospect receives a personal message without you ever needing to ask; ‘Is this a good time to chat?’.

They can read and respond at their convenience.

Here's how it changed Nigel's life...

The old way

Nigel would be handed his list of leads.

He'd call prospective sponsors with gusto - going full throttle til lunchtime.

By the afternoon he'd be grumpy. He'd spend the last few hours of each day job hunting.

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The better way

Nigel makes short, personalised videos, uploads them to his branded template and sends to each prospect. It all takes less time than outbound calls.

Nigel's phone is red hot with inbound call from very hungry prospects.

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Create your own Sales Booster Template with our video guide:

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WordPress Grand Master, Lee Jackson, shows you how to create one from scratch, guiding you through the all FREE tools needed.

The benefits:

  • Create personalised messages for better results in less time. 
  • Readers consume your sales message at their convenience, not yours. 
  • All sales info is delivered in one page - no need for follow up file attachments.
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Learn how to create your own personalised sales boosters

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