Are you an enabler or a service provider?

Posted on: November 5, 2018
Tim Davies

As the old saying goes: Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll launch a podcast all about awesome fishing techniques.

There’s no doubt about it and we’re far from ashamed about it – at Event Engine we love the sound of our own voice and we have plenty to say. Each day we’re excited about what we do, the new and developing technologies we come across and help evolve, and the difference they bring to the lives of the people we serve. We utterly, utterly love talking about the tools we’ve either created or discovered that improve or completely transform the lives of event marketers.

You see, while we’re an insanely friendly, helpful and fun-to-work-with team of professionals, at our core we’re not really service providers. A typical service agency makes its money by doing the things you need to be done. A ‘quick’ helpful action here or there, each time adding on a charge for providing a 20th Century-style service. What’s even more valuable than that? Enablement.

The rise and rise of the DIY B2B Marketing Machines hasn’t been without its day (read ‘years’) of underwhelming, over-promising, clunkiness, but that’s how tech progress is made these days (with the exception of the aerospace industry – there are international laws that mean aircraft tech has to be rather more rigid and less ‘develop en route’, but then the average cost of creating a 747 is $400m). But, while the realm of self-built event websites is set to evolve forevermore, right now in 2018 we’re enjoying a ‘tech that works’ watershed that’s worth celebrating. Things can and will only get better from here, but even now things are working better than ever before.

Promised functionality such as drag and drop design is here to stay and it works beautifully. Before now, if you saw a website, or a web page, or part of a page, or a feature on a page that you liked and wanted to (ahem) borrow for your site, you’d ask your agency for a quote, wait a week or two, weep a little, then haggle. Now, you have access to more ability than ever to use your website platform’s in-built tools to create what you want, where you want it. Of course, all systems have their limits but compared to three years ago the roof of what the event marketer is capable of achieving all by her/himself has been blown off.

In our arena, this is not the era of offering more funky services. It’s the season of adding even more value by way of enablement, empowerment, training, conversing and supporting.

We love it. And we love talking about it.

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Tim Davies

Tim Davies

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